Why Digilytics™ RevEl for Financial Services?

Creates a unique mortgage service proposition driving market share growth

Minimal upfront investment, available on secure SaaS platform

Plug and play bolt-on product, no need to replace current mortgage systems

RevEl for Financial Services

Delivers significant productivity improvement and efficiency benefits

Easy to trust product with transparent performance and explainability reports

Easy to use product with consumer-grade user interface

AI technology combining Computer Vision, NLP and Machine Learning

How is Digilytics™ your ideal AI companion?

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Sell Different and Sell More

Lead generation is a costly proposition. It is always useful to leverage cross-sell and up-sell techniques to create loyalty, relevancy and added revenue from existing customer base. The key to success is to understand what your customers value most

Making Insights Actionable

The key to adding intelligence into a system is a combination of “how well one understands the business” and “how evolved is one in the art of data science”. Read our white paper to explore how Digilytics™, a close loop AI enabled solution, can help in making insights actionable

Intelligent Data Capture

Over the years, digitisation of paper documents has led to the growth of image data in volume, velocity and variety. Organisations have been trying to generate insights from all this data to improve processes and to add business value. Read how the Digilytics™ is helping businesses