Digilytics AI is one of the top 30 ML-powered start-ups

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Digilytics AI is one of the top 30 ML-powered start-ups shortlisted in the ML Elevate program by YourStory Media & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Close to 200 machine learning-powered start-ups applied to the ML Elevate programme, hosted by YourStory and AWS in association with Intel and Nexus Venture Partners, when it was first launched in October 2020.

Early-stage startups on the lookout for a combination of tools, resources, and insights necessary to build, grow and scale their startup to new heights formed the majority of applicants to the programme. These 30 startups went through a rigorous evaluation process under ML Camp, the first phase of the programme.  Through a series of workshops and keynote sessions by industry leaders across sectors and AWS experts, participants got an overview of the aspects that govern the growth of a machine learning startup.

Congratulations to all the shortlisted machine learning powered start-ups. We are really excited about delivering cutting edge AI technology to help mortgage origination.


Read the news feature on Your story here: https://lnkd.in/dgXFBXQ

*this feature was originally published on Your story media

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