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Revolutionizing Mortgage Origination, Leveraging AI

  • The world is evolving with new technology, with a lot of Data. Petabytes of data is being generated by the extended enterprise, from customers to regulators to colleagues and partners. It is becoming increasingly impossible to make sense of all the data.
  • At Digilytics AI, we aim to drive business value leveraging our platform. In an ever-crowded world of clever technology solutions looking for a problem to solve, our solutions start with a keen understanding of what creates and what destroys value in your business.
  • Founded in 2018, by Arindom Basu, the leadership of Digilytics AI is deeply rooted in leveraging disruptive technology to drive profitable business growth.
  • With over 50 years of combined experience in technology-enabled change, the Digilytics AI leadership is focused on building a values-first firm that will stand the test of time. 
  • The leadership strongly believes in the ethos of enabling intelligence across the organization. Digilytics AI is headquartered in London, with presence across the USA & India.

Our Mission

Enabling Intelligence. Fostering Growth
Our mission is to help clients achieve profitable growth and deliver excellence, through the intelligent use of the rapidly expanding universe of data that they operate in.

Our Values

  • F: Free | Thinking in new tech, business ideas & operating models
  • O: Optimistic | Deal with issues & challenges head on
  • C: Committed | To deliver value and results for clients
  • A: Analytical | In designing solutions & managing execution
  • L: Loyal | Loyal to our clients and employees
Revolutionizing Mortgage Origination, leveraging AI by Digilytics AI CEO, Arindom Basu

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